amazon com is a large product retailer that sells just about anything you ordered so 4352145 is a large product retailer that sells just about anything. You ordered some books, videos, and posters through Amazon’s web site and used your credit card to pay for the merchandise. Which of the following business activities would occur in handling your order?

(respond with “yes” or “no”)



20.The credit card number would be electronically submitted for approval and authorized for the purchase price.

21.The inventory records would be checked by computer to verify the availability of the inventory

22.Amazon’s phone operator calls to confirm the price of the order

23.The order is transmitted to the distribution center

24.The order would be manually entered into a subsidiary account and the related control account for the amount that you owe.

25.The distribution center arranges for the shipping of your order.

26.The cashier would enter the amount for cost of goods sold, sales revenue, and the receivable due from the credit card company.


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