Amy Runs A Bike Rental Buisiness She Currently Cjarges 36 Per Bike Rental And Av

Amy runs a bike rental buisiness. She currently cjarges $36 per bike rental and averages 60 rentals a week for an average weekly income of $2,160. She predicts that she may lose 2 rentals a week for every one dollar increase in the rental price, p. Amy writes the expression -2p^2 – 12p + 2160 to model her prediction. Which of the following is the equivalent expression to reveal the maximum income based upon Amy’s model?

A.) -2(p+3)^2+2178

B.) -2(p+6)^2+2160

C.) -2(p-3)^2+2178

D.) -2(p-6)^2+2142

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