An Auditor For The U Portal Service Wants To Examine Its Special Two Day Priorit

An Auditor for the U.S. Portal service wants to examine its special two day priority mail handling to determine the proportion of parcels that actually arrive within the promised two day period. A randomly selected sample of 1600 such parcels is found to contain 1250 that were delivered on time. Does the sample data provide evidence to conclude that the percentage of on-time parcels is more than 75% (using alpha=.01)? use the hypothesis testing procedure outlines below:a.Formulate the null and alternative hypothesisb.State the level of significancec.Find the critical value (or values) and clearly show the rejection and non rejection regions.d.Compute the test statistic.e.Decide whether you can reject h0 and accept Ha or not.f.Explain and interpret your conclusion in part e. what does this mean?g.Determine the observed p value for the hypothesistest and interpret this value. What does this mean?h.Does this sample data provide evidence (with alpha = .01), that the percentage of on-time parcels is more than 75%?

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