An Epidemiologist Found Five Cases Of Big Toe Cancer In The Yukon Territory

An epidemiologist found five cases of “big toe cancer” in the Yukon Territory. Because there were only a few cases, the epidemiologist decided to conduct a matched case-control study to determine whether shoe size larger than 9 is a risk factor for big toe cancer. Cases were individually matched to one control for daily activity, history of athlete’s foot, and history of ingrown toenails. The following data were gathered:

Shoe size > 9

Pair Case Control

 1    Yes    No

 2   No     No

 3   No    Yes

 4   Yes   Yes

 5     No    Yes

  1. Compute the proper measure of association.
  2. Interpret your results.
  3. If you were to investigate a rare cancer in Lynchburg, where might you look for data?
  4. What would be necessary legally and ethically to be able to utilize this data set(s)?
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