An Experiment Examined The Impact Of Thc The Active Ingredient In Marijuana On V

An experiment examined the impact of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) on various physiological and psychological variables. The study recruited a sample of 18 young adults who were habitual marijuana smokers. Subjects came to the lab 3 times, each time smoking a different marijuana cigarette: one with 3.9% THC, one with 1.8% THC, and one with no THC (a placebo). The order of the conditions was randomized in a double-blind design.

At the start of each session, no subject reported being “high.” After smoking the cigarette, participants rated how “high” they felt, using a positive continuous scale (0 representing not at all “high”). For the placebo condition, participants reported a mean “high” feeling of 11.3, with a standard deviation of 15.5.

A 95% confidence interval for the population mean feeling of “high” after smoking a placebo marijuana cigarette is

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