Annotated bibliography cm499-4 (bsc-4): research methods: acquire,


Annotated Bibliography

CM499-4 (BSC-4): Research Methods: Acquire, interpret, and present knowledge gained through diverse and appropriate methods of inquiry to arrive at reasoned decisions.

For the Discussion this week you conducted and analyzed primary research. In the Assignment this week, you will conduct secondary research and then complete an annotated bibliography.

An annotated bibliography is a list of the possible sources you may use in your Capstone Project with a summary of how each source will be useful. There is information on the format for an annotated bibliography in the Reading this week.

To complete the Annotated Bibliography, find at least three credible articles from the Library. An alternative is to include textbooks from a previous Communication class that you will use. Internet sources cannot be used. Your Assignment should include for EACH of the three articles:

  • The article or textbook reference in APA format
  • A summary of the article and why it is relevant and useful in your Capstone Project
  • Which Communication Program Outcome the article addresses

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