Answer The Questions I And Iii After Going Through The Following Class Class Sem

Answer the questions (i) and (iii) after going through the following class:

class Seminar{int time;public://Function 1{time = 30;cout << “Seminar starts now” << endl;}//Function 2{cout << “Lectures in the seminar on” << endl;}//Function 3{time = duration;cout << “Seminar starts now” << endl;}//Function 4{cout << “Thanks” << endl;}};

i. Write statements in C++ that would execute Function 1 and Function 3 of class Seminar.

ii. In Object Oriented Programming, what is Function 4 referred as and when does it get invoked/called?

iii. In Object Oriented Programming, which concept is illustrated by Function 1 and Function 3 together?

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