Answer To This Thought Nab Company Name And Explain Its Significance

Answer to this thought.

✔  NAB company name and explain its significance.

Sage is a non-alcoholic beverage company that produces an assortment of all natural, no sugar added, 100% fruit and vegetable smoothies and fruit juices. Sage contains a blend of up to 6 fruit/ vegetables per container. Many individuals often state eating healthy is expensive and time consuming, but we believe that your life is worth so much more so it is necessary to be mindful of what we consume day to day. 

✔ Develop your company’s Mission Statement and provide a rationale for its components.

At Sage, our purpose is to encourage Earth’s inhabitants to live healthier lifestyles one sip at a time by offering all natural beverages that are both energy-giving and convenient for the consumer. Our goal is to become the customer’s first choice for fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices while boosting both the economy and the environment in the process. 

Within this mission statement I have introduced the product, and I have included the company’s overall purpose and main goal to better serve the consumer. I also hope to have fully conveyed the way I want individuals to view the company on both a regional & national level.

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