Answer Two Of The Following Research Questions And Submit All Your Work In A Sin

Answer two of the following research questions, and submit all your work in a single file

  1. Search the Internet for the latest developments of the ANSI standard for ergonomics or workplace musculoskeletal disorders. What was the general reaction to the standard? Provide brief description of three cases pertaining to the violation of this standard. (Submit up to a page and the links to your sources)
  2. Search the Internet to find five distributors of back belts and list ten benefits they claim for these products. (Submit up to a page and the links to your sources)
  3. Examine five literature’s promoting the sale of automobiles. Find references made to ergonomics in each case. (Submit up to a page)
  4. The OSHA standard for ergonomics was overturned by the U.S. Congress, so the OSHA General Industry standard contains no standard for ergonomics. Search OSHA web site for OSHA’s current strategy or approach for dealing with ergonomics. give a summary of this approach. In your summary, address whether OSHA intends to continue citing ergonomics hazards, and, if so, under what standard.
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