Anybody Please Can Give Me Advise On How To Solve This In A Study Of Brain Waves

Anybody please can give me advise on how to solve this; In a study of brain waves during sleep, a sample of 29 college students were randomly separated into two groups. The first group had 15 people and were each given ½ liter of red wine before sleeping. The second group had 14 people and were given no alcohol before sleeping. All participants when to sleep at 11 PM and their brainwave activity was measured from 4-6 AM. The group drinking alcohol had a mean brainwave activity of 19.65 hertz and a standard deviation of 1.86 hertz. The group not drinking alcohol had a mean of 6.59 hertz and standard deviation of 1.91 hertz. Compute a 90% confidence interval for the difference in population means of groups drinking alcohol before sleeping and those not drinking alcohol before sleeping. Explain the meaning of the confidence interval.

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