Application Computer Incident Response Team Plan You Probably Have Heard The Nam

Application: Computer Incident Response Team Plan   

You probably have heard the names Ebola, Bird Flu, and West Nile Virus. In recent years, these names have made headlines as clusters of outbreaks have occurred around the globe. Given the serious nature of infectious diseases and the possibility of regional or global outbreaks, organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have incident response teams that can quickly deploy anywhere in the world to investigate potential outbreaks and contain them if need be.

IT incidents are similar to infectious disease outbreaks in that if safeguards are not in place to prevent them, critical systems and information may be compromised. To mitigate these incidents, many IT departments have specialized teams, called computer incident response teams (CIRTs). These teams mobilize and respond to incidents. As with emergent infectious disease response teams, the sooner CIRT teams respond, the sooner incidents can be contained.


The Plush Packet Institute of Technology (PPIT) Board of Directors’ next priority is the school’s ability to respond to security incidents, especially with a second school opening in the near future. The board has asked you to begin drafting a CIRT plan.

For this Assignment, write a two or three page CIRT plan for PPIT that:

  • Classifies the types of computer incidents that would “activate” the CIRT
  • Defines at least three roles for CIRT members
  • Defines at least two primary responsibilities for CIRT members
  • Defines two CIRT policies
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