Apply The Simple Synthesis Procedure To Produce Bcnf Tables Using The Following

Apply the simple synthesis procedure to produce BCNF tables using the following FD list. Show the results of each step in your analysis.

  • StdNo ® StdName, StdAdmitSems, StdAdmitYear, StdStatus, StdEmail
  • StdEmail ® StdNo, StdStatus
  • CourseNo ® CrsDesc, CrsUnits, CrsDeptName, CrsCollName
  • PlanNo ® PlanDate, PlanAdvName, StdNo, PlanApproval, StdName
  • PlanNo, CourseNo ® Semester, Year, CreditType, Grade
  • PlanNo, PaperNo ® DateSubmit, DateDecided, Decision, PaperTitle, StdNo
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