Are There Health Disparities Where You Live

Are there health disparities where you live? Pick one these chronic illness or disability (Asthma,Autism, Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Dementia, Obesity) that affects your local area (town, county, region), along with two different populations based on: gender, race, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, or sexuality. compare and contrast how each population is affected by the condition. If there is a condition that is not mention and it is affecting your community, then please discuss that. To locate specific local and regional information, please examine your local health department website.

Compare/contrast and discuss:

  • statistics and information:
  • likelihood of development,
  • etiology,
  • prognosis, and
  • access to healthcare.

Locate 1 of each of the following in your local community that would be appropriate to each or both of your chosen populations. Make sure to include the contact information for each:

  • healthcare services,
  • community resources, and
  • support groups.

Questions to consider in your discussion:

  • How does income influence the health of an individual, as well as the potential for disability?
  • How do race and ethnicity affect the health of an individual and the potential for disability?
  • How does gender affect the health of an individual and development of disability?
  • How does my community compare to the national statistics discussed in this lesson?
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