Argument research project | English homework help


Research projects are intended to demonstrate academic knowledge of a subject. An argumentative research project adds the element of defending a position, using academic sources as support. This research will be completed throughout Modules 6–8, so manage your time wisely. You will submit your Argument Research Project in Module 8.


Mminimum of 4 pgs (not including title or reference pg) on a specific issue to argue using either the Toulmin, Rogerian, or middle-ground approach.

  • Utilize a minimum of three credible sources. You should use sources to support your ideas or to use as examples of opposing viewpoints. It is recommended that you utilize the LIRN Library when conducting research for this activity. You can access the LIRN Library in the Canvas navigation bar.
  • Use in-text citations and references appropriately (APA, 7th ed.).
  • Include an arguable claim that serves as your thesis statement and at least one counterargument/rebuttal.
  • Organize/structure your project according to argument type. See Additional Resources below for more information.
  • This assignment is not due until Module 8.

Additional Resources


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