Articles Of Agreement Between A Van Der Horst And Freedmen Women Who Agree To Hi

Articles of Agreement between A. Van der Horst – and… Freedmen & women who agree to hire ourselves as Laborers… from Jan 10th 1867 to Jan 10th 1868. We link ourselves to perform any kind of labour he or his agent may direct for which we agree to receive $100 for the twelve months 4 of which to be paid at the end of each month. To be provisioned with 3 lbs. of Bacon, 1 peck of corn or meal, & 1/2 pint of Salt. Also six yards of woolens to make a suit of clothes. Women to receive $60 for the twelve months. $2.50 to be paid at the end of each month. Any hand which does not suit may be on being paid in full for the

time he has laboured be dismissed from this place.

Which statement BEST summarizes the effect of this Reconstruction Era labor agreement?

A) Pay was equally distributed regardless of gender.

B)Black farmers could legally be kept in an inferior role.


C)Industry made farming a low paid and obsolete occupation.

D)The Federal government repaid formers slaves for their bondage.

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