As Part Of A Company S Training Program Participants Learn How To Conduct Analys

): As part of a company’s training program, participants learn how to conduct analyses of clients’ insurability. The goal is for the participants to achieve a time in the range of 30- 45 minutes. Test results for 3 participants were: Armand, a mean of 38 minutes and a standard deviation of 3 minutes, Jerry a mean of 37 minutes and a standard deviation of 2.5 minutes, and Melissa a mean of 37.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1.8 minutes.a.Which of the participants would you judge to be capable? Explainb.Can the value of the Cpk exceed the value of Cp for a given participant? Explain.2.(10 Points): A company handles hazardous waste wants to minimize the shipping cost for shipments to a disposal center from five different receiving stations it operates. Given the locations of the receiving stations and the volumes to be shipped daily, determine the location of the disposal center.Location (x,y)Volume (tons/day)(10,5)26(4,1)9(4,7)25(2,6)30(8,7)40

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