Aspen Project Ethyl Chloride Will Be Produced By The Gas Phase Reaction Of Hcl W

ASPEN ProjectEthyl chloride will be produced by the gas phase reaction of HCl with ethyleneover a copper chloride catalyst supported on silica as:2 4 2 5 C H + HCl®C H ClThe feed stream composed of 50 mole% HCl, 48 mole% C2H4 and 2 mole% N2 at100kmol/hr, 25ºC and 1atm. Since the reaction achieves only 80% conversion, theethyl chloride product is separated from the unreacted reagents, and the latter isheated to 25ºC and then recycled. The separation is achieved using a flashseparator. The process is operated at atmospheric pressure and pressure drops areignored. To prevent the accumulation of inert in the system, 10kmol/hr iswithdrawn in a purge stream.a) Calculate the temperature of separator to achieve a product with 95 mole%of ethyl chloride. For other parts of this project use this temperature for theseparator.b) Calculate the overall conversion of this chemical plant.c) Calculate the heat duty of the heater.d) Show the effect of the flow rate of purge stream on the recycle and on thecomposition of reactor feed.*Hints:1- Use Peng-Robinson equation of state as the property method.2- Conversion of limiting reactant is 80%.3- It is better that you mix the recycle stream with the feed and then enter theproduced stream to the reactor.4- To calculate the separator temperature use “Design Spec” in ASPENsoftware. (it’s about 30ºC)

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