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For the Week 3 assignment you will analyze, compare and contrast the following ethical dilemmas in two case scenarios from your textbook in two different geographical regions. The assigned case studies are:

Ethical case study 6: Race and Study Design (P 478)

Ethical case study 9: Conflict of Interest (P 479-480)

Consider the ethical dilemmas in the two scenarios above and reflect on how you might apply the principles of global health ethics to address the dilemmas. Think about how the principles of global health ethics may vary between these regions and reflect on how the principles of global health ethics may contribute to positive social change.

Per the assignment instructions:

Write a 6-8-page paper addressing the following items:

  • A title page, in APA format, to include your name, date, course and section, and title
  • Section headers, in APA format, for each section below:
  • Provide a supported overview of how ethics relates to global health. Include an analysis of the ethical dimensions of research, interventions, and policies that apply to the global health environment.
  • Analyze the particular ethical dilemma presented in the two scenarios you were given. What are the specific ethical considerations for a public health professional who is working in this situation in each of the two regions? Use specific examples of research, data handling, interventions, and policies to support your answer. Compare and contrast-how are the ethical dimensions the same and how do they differ?
  • Describe the importance of cultural competence in the two scenarios. Explain how to address the ethical dilemma in each of the two regions, using principles of global health ethics, and support your answer. What are the opportunities, challenges, and barriers a public health professional may encounter in this scenario in each of these regions?
  • Explain how applying the principles of global health ethics contributes to positive social change in each of the two regions, and why. Be specific and provide examples.