Assume A 1 000 000 Byte File Must Be Distributed By A Server To 5 Clients The Se

1. Assume a 1,000,000 byte file must be distributed by a server to 5 clients.  The server upload capacity is 100,000 bytes/second. The clients have download capacities 50,000 bytes/sec, 40,000 bytes/sec, 60,000 bytes/sec, 100,000 bytes/sec and 19,000 bytes/sec. What is the minimum time required for all the clients to have received a copy of the file?

2. Use dig to simulate an iterative DNS query to resolve Steps:

     (a)  Find the address of a root server in  /etc/bind/db.root

     (b)  Query a root server for

     (c)  Query a top-level-domain server for

     (d)  Query an authoritative server for

     Deliverable: Screen captures of all the steps. The captures must be labeled with the actual step being performed (root query, tld query, authoritative query)

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