Assume You Are The Executive Director Of Hannah S House A Nonprofit Agency That

Assume you are the executive director of Hannah’s House, a nonprofit agency that provides emergency shelter for families in trauma. When those families leave the shelter, you provide them with a recycled cell phone that they can use if they must contact you in another emergency situation. You have learned about a mobile service provider, SoWel (for “social welfare”) that contributes 1 percent of its income to approximately 50 nonprofit organizations that are working for peace, human rights, and the environment. Its contributions have averaged nearly $3 million a year. SoWel has a mobile phone plan for businesses that will cost less than what Hannah’s House is currently paying to cover phones for its employees and client families. Further, you like the idea of supporting other organizations that are trying to improve society. Please provide ideas for a report that will convince your board of directors to switch your agency’s mobile phone service to SoWel. Any ideas would help.

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