At December 31 2009 The General Ledger Of Main Street Marketing Had The Followin

At December 31, 2009, the general ledger of Main Street Marketing had the following account balances. All adjusting entries (except for income taxes at 40%) have been met. The company had 9,000 shares of comon stock outstanding during the year.$7340Accounts Receivable $12,980Accrued liabilities $22,500Accumulatted Depreciation $14,980Advertising Expense $8,777Cash $7,980Common Stock $28,000Cost of goods sold $118,922Depreciation expense $11,254Equipment $78,700Loss on sale of land $7,900Interest expense $1,980Merchandisea. What is the amount of gross profit? Show calculations!b. What is the amount of operating income? Show calculations!c. What is the amount of pretax income?Show calculations!d. What is the amount of net income? Show calculations!e. What are the earnings per share? Show calculations!

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