Attach Screenshots When Necessary Open Command Prompt And Type In Ipconfig Displ

a.    What is the A record on a DNS Server?

b.    What is the CNAME record on a DNS Server?

c.     Why does Facebook have various IP addresses?

d.    Try typing into your browser, does Facebook open?

3.    We will explore NBTSTAT next.

4.    What is NETBIOS?

5.    What does the command NBTSTAT do

6.    Type nbtstat – A [IP address]

a.    Note you should type the ip address of another Windows machine on your network

b.    Attach the screenshot of the output

Extra Credit-

Once you complete the next lab 11.1 Wireshark

1.    Open up Wireshark and Filter by DNS.

2.    Navigate to a website you have never visited before.

3.    Attach a screenshot of your records

4.    Double Click on a few entries, notice that all the destination port is 53. Why is that?

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