Balancing The Modelsquot Please Respond To The Following Determine The Key Diffe

Balancing the Models” Please respond to the following:Determine the key differences between an analysis model and a design model. Provide an example or scenario of how each is clearly used. Please make sure that your example is different from other students. Determine the factors that must be tested among the functional, structural, and the behavioral models. Include example(s) to support your answer. Please make sure that your examples are different from other students.Design Strategies” Please respond to the following:Imagine that you work for a midsized company and your manager asked you to provide at least two design strategies with UML for a project that involves building an e-Commerce Website. Explain the two design strategies that you plan to use, and describe their pros and cons. Explain why you chose the two design strategies for this project and describe your assumptions of using each strategy. Include scenarios to support your answer.Reply Quote

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