Based On This Excerpt From Ernest Hemingway S In Another Country What Is The Con

Based on this excerpt from Ernest Hemingway’s “In Another Country,” what is the contextual meaning of the word resign? “I am sorry,” he said, and patted me on the shoulder with his good hand. “I would not be rude. My wife has just died. You must forgive me.” “Oh-” I said, feeling sick for him. “I am so sorry.” He stood there biting his lower lip. “It is very difficult,” he said. “I cannot resign myself.” He looked straight past me and out through the window. Then he began to cry. “I am utterly unable to resign myself,” he said and choked. And then crying, his head up looking at nothing, carrying himself straight and soldierly, with tears on both cheeks and biting his lips, he walked past the machines and out the door.

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