Beyoncet Has Organised The Sale Of Her Property And It Is Going Smoothly

Beyoncet has organised the sale of her property and it is going smoothly. However two weeks before

settlement she received a call from the r/e agent advising the purchaser wanted to add

clauses/conditions to the contract to ensure the property was left in good condition on expiry of the

lease and for when she moves in.

Given that Beyoncet and James were overseas and were only contactable via email, her conveyancer

advised the r/e agent that given the purchaser had already signed the contract with the lease condition,

it would not be in the vendor’s interest to be adding further conditions now, and the condition of the

property on expiry of the lease would be covered by the bond, which is something the r/e agent needs

to manage.

What do you think the outcome was to this situation for the purchaser? Why?

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