Big picture africa | World history homework help

  Civilizations do not just happen. They grow, like families and friendships, from among the people who live in them. The kingdoms of East, Central, and South Africa comprised a variety of African peoples as well as Arabs, Persians, and Indians who came to trade. Each society had its own hierarchy, or social structure.

Imagine you have just completed a trip through the early kingdoms and city-states of East, Central, and South Africa. Your family and friends ask you about the trip. Your task is to give them an oral history of your experience. 

You may submit a written account, audio recording, or video.  Remember, your family and friends  will share your story and pass it on  to future generations, like oral historians in Africa. Make it  fascinating! No one wants to hear a boring story.

Tell the most significant or important things you saw or learned about kingdoms or city-states in each region. Be sure to do the following as you complete this assessment: 

  • identify at least one kingdom or city-state that you visited from each region—East, Central, and South