Briefly describe how MS Project can be used to create a WBS.

Explain what is meant by a make or buy decision, and provide an example of one in the context of an IT Project.

Explain the purpose of a change order, and describe its role in the management of procurement.

What are some reasons that organizations are turning to outsourcing? Identify at least three and briefly describe.

Describe how a proposal evaluation sheet is used in an IT project. Briefly discuss how you would apply weights to the criteria.

Briefly describe what is meant by a project baseline. Under what circumstances would you use a tracking Gantt rather than a Gantt chart.

Explain how to enter resources in MS Project 2010 and assign them to tasks.

Under what tab in MS Project 2010 would you find Visual Reports? Name at least three reports found in Visual Reports, and explain how and why you would use them.

Briefly describe how MS Project can be used to create a WBS. Discuss how you would convert your WBS into a network diagram using MS Project.
Consider a situation in which you had one task that could not start until another task finished. Provide an example of such a task sequence, and discuss how you would keep track of the task relationship. (100 in words in length).

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