Business writing assignment 1: meeting email

As the chairperson of the budget committee for your department, you need to announce an upcoming meeting to the other committee members. You want the members to know that Jennifer Andrews, the company’s cost accountant, will be present to give a detailed report about the cost overruns on the Emerson project. You want the committee members to be prepared to discuss how your department can do a better job of anticipating and preventing cost overruns, and you want them to send you some bullet points for the discussion by a certain date.Before completing this assignment, study the examples of an ineffective email communication and an effective email communication shown in Figure 1.2  on page 7 of your textbook.

  • In a Word document, prepare the subject line and text of an email that you would send to the committee members. 
  • Make up whatever information you need, such as names, dates, times, place, etc., to prepare the email.
  • Be sure you include all information your audience will need.