Buying A Car Create A Decision Matrix David An Outrigger

Buying a Car: Create a Decision Matrix David, an outrigger canoe racer, needs to buy a new car. He wants a vehicle that will carry his disassembled boat and outrigger. At the same time he will need to travel long distances on business. His passion is soft-top sports cars, but he is also concerned about gas mileage. These four criteria are impossible to find in one vehicle.
David has the following choices:
● Station wagon
● SUV with or without a sun roof
● Four-door sedan, a high-miles-per-gallon “family car”
● Sports car, convertible
He wants to consider the following criteria:
● Price
● Ability to carry cargo such as a canoe
● Fuel efficiency
● Comfort over long distances
● Good looks and fun
● Quality build/manufacturer’s reputation

Your Task.
Follow the steps outlined in Figure to determine an assessment scale and to assign a score to each feature. Then, consider which weights are probably most important to David, given his needs. Calculate the totals to find the vehicle that’s most suitable for David.

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