C++ code: digital rolodex using a doubly linked list


You will be making a digital rolodex using a doubly linked list. Your program will have the following criteria:

1. Each node in the list will contain the following information about the person:

     First Name

     Last Name


     Phone Number

     Email Address

     twitter handle.

2. When the program opens it will read contact information from a text file and create a doubly linked list with the information.

3. The user will be able to:

    o search for and display specific user by any piece of information. Exact matches only is fine. Should be able to navigate through a list if there are multiple results. thus, you probably want to sort first.

    o add a contact to the rolodex

    o delete a user from the rolodex

    o sort the rolodex by any piece of information and navigate through it, displaying    one contact at a time. (they will need to be able to exit this navigation mode)

    o quit the program.

4. Upon quitting, all contact information should be written back to the text file.