Calculate the input impedance of the antenna

A thin cylindrical dipole antenna of radius a and lengthis driven by a time harmonic gap voltage V0. Develop acomputer program to solve the Pocklington integral equation for theunknown antenna current distribution I(z) using the method ofmoments. Given: a=0.0001m , =0.5m, V0=100V. Use the magnetic frillgenerator as the source model assuming an input impedance of theideal 1.65 antenna. Assume the gap is d=1mm. Include the followingin your answer: a. An investigation of the element density requiredfor adequate coverage of the numerical solution. b. Plot thecurrent distribution along the antenna. c. Calculate the input impedance of the antenna and compare with the assumed impedance. d.Now suppose that we are free to change the thickness of theantenna, keeping all other parameters constant. Show how thecurrent in the antenna changes as a is changed from a=0.0001m, toa=0.005m. Compare the current along the antenna by plotting theresults for the various thicknesses on a single plot. Calculate theinput impedance in each case. Comment on the results. e. Plot theinput impedance as a function of antenna thickness for radii from0.01mm to 5mm e. Assume a=0.01mm and the gap is varied. Calculatethe current distribution for a gap equal to d=0.01mm, d=0.1mm,d=0.5mm, and d=5mm. Compare the current along the antenna byplotting the results for the various gaps on a single plot.Calculate the antenna input impedance in each case. f. Plot theantenna input impedance as a function of gap for gap values from1mm to 100 mm.

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