Capstone portfolio: professional and ethical practice experience

 Reflect on your coursework in your program of study( Autism Spectrum Disorder ). Choose one experience from this program that aligns to Council for Exceptional Children Advanced Preparations Standard 6.

 Advanced Preparation Standard 6: Professional and Ethical Practice

6.0Special education specialists use foundational knowledge of the field and professional ethical principles and practice standards to inform special education practice, engage in lifelong learning, advance the profession, and perform leadership responsibilities to promote the success of professional colleagues and individuals with exceptionalities.

Key Elements

6.1A comprehensive understanding of the history of special education, legal policies, ethical standards, and emerging issues informs special education specialist leadership.

6.2Special education specialists model high professional expectations and ethical practice, and create supportive environments that safeguard the legal rights and improve outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities and their families.

6.3Special education specialists model and promote respect for all individuals and facilitate ethical professional practice. 

6.4Special education specialists actively participate in professional development and professional learning communities to increase professional knowledge and expertise.

6.5Special education specialists plan, present, and evaluate professional development focusing on effective and ethical practice at all organizational levels.

6.6Special education specialists actively facilitate and participate in the preparation and induction of prospective special educators

.6.7Special education specialists actively promote the advancement of the profession. 

Complete the Portfolio Experience Submission Template and rationale.

APA format is required for the body of this assignment