Case homework | Management homework help

i attached two files one is the discription of the homework which is in pdf file please read the discription for HW #2 and also it has a sample of a case i need mine to be simlar to it. and i also attachd word document this document is ch 12 please read it and find an artical online related to that and do the case.the case is onley ONE page singel space. The artical that you should find online should be related to the subject in chapter 12 and should be published in April 2016 or newer than that.  

PLESE READ THE DISCRIPTION FOR HW #2 and see the sample of the case in the pdf file CERFULY. I need this to be done in 24 houers please if you can not do it in 24 houers from now do not take my homework. 

thank you.