Case (i-vi). | Management homework help


In this assignment, you will analyze a case in your Case Study booklet from McGraw-Hill. The 8-page case is: “Customer Experience as Segmentation Basis: The ‘Luxury’ in Question”.  Also, read the article ““Welcome to the Experience Economy”. Harvard Business Review, July-August 1998. B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. Once you have read the case and the article, you will answer all the questions at the end of the case (I-VI).   

Your answers should reflect depth of understanding and should have citations from the readings.  All citations should reflect APA format. The document should be submitted with a cover page and reference page.

The case reviews traditional segmentation elements such as demographics, psychographics and geographic.  It also ties in with customer relationship marketing management. It introduces the idea of using the “customer experience” as a method of segmentation and makes a comparison of this new methodology to traditional methods.

Your case report should not exceed 1,500 words.