Case study – criminal justice, american law | ACCT 6020 – Legal and Ethical Issues in Accounting and Finance | Walden University

This all pertains to american law, TWO PARTS. MUST have at least FIVE (5) references!!!!! Part two is regarding the legal and ethical issues of technology.

Part one, in 250 words:

  • Explain how the evolution of technology to determine DNA has affected its use as evidence.
  • To what degree is DNA data a mechanism of surveillance? To what degree is it a privacy issue?
  • Which evidence is more reliable: DNA or fingerprint? Why?

Part Two, in 1050 words use this definition/question of “Technology” regarding american law: 

Technology: Should law enforcement utilize whatever tools necessary until told otherwise—that is, does public safety override the law’s ability to keep up with technology?


  • Summarize the ethical or legal issue surrounding Technology in american law.
  • Explain how the issue has evolved over time.
  • Explain your position on the issue, being sure to support your position with evidence from academically appropriate sources.
  • Propose a process, policy, or legal change that could have short- or long-term effects to address the issue you have chosen.
  • Explain how the proposed change contributes to social change. 

Please note for part two that I do agree technology should be used to find evidence or proof that someone committed a crime