Climate Change in California: Impacts, Solutions and Challenges

I’m trying to study for my Environmental Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

In this assignment, we’ll take a closer look at climate change in California.

Now, let me say…these videos and articles aren’t intended to bum you out!

Knowledge is power.

Knowing what to do and what is effective leads to action that inspires hope.

Read the attached article and discuss the following. Post your thoughts in an original post and respond to two classmates by the end of the day, Sunday, July 7.

Do some of your own research. Check out the claims. This is an issue that affects us daily.

  1. What are the effects of climate change in California that worry you? (Hint: Look further than the introductory paragraph…there’s a whole section on this topic on page 3.)
  2. What steps has California taken to reduce emissions?
  3. How have emissions reductions affected California’s economy?
  4. Why won’t emissions reductions in California make a dent in global emissions?
  5. Should we keep trying to reduce emissions…even when the challenge is so great? Why?


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