Cmgt 554 week 2 individual: international plastics inc. standards and


Week 2 Individual: International Plastics Inc. Standards and Protocol Review

Resources: International Plastics, Inc. documents: see zipped resource file.

Review the current networking architecture, and develop an assessment of the current telecommunications standards. After your review, determine what improvements can be made for International Plastics.

Prepare a 1-page table (using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel®), using the table headings Standard, Protocol, and Recommendation, in which you document the following:

  • The current telecommunication      standards that are used at International Plastics, Inc.
  • The current network protocols      that are used at International Plastics, Inc. to support voice, video, and      data communications
  • At least five recommendations      to improve their standards, and protocols for accurate and timely network      communications

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