Comparative cultures and communication | Sociology homework help


If you are an international student or a permanent resident or the United States, you will compare your original culture (Ecuador) to the mainstream American culture using the Kluckhohn Model of Comparative Cultures. 

  • Compare and contrast the two cultures (Ecuador and American Culture) using the Kluckhohn Model of Comparative Cultures. What aspects of these two cultures are similar and what aspects are different?
  • Determine how the styles of verbal and nonverbal communication are different for the two cultures.
  • Describe situations in which it would be very likely to have a miscommunication between people from these two cultures, if the different communication styles are not know or recognized.
  • Infer how people from the other culture feel the first time they interact with your culture. How would you feel in their situation? What would you like people from the other culture do to make you feel welcome?
  • Propose recommendations for people of these two cultures to avoid potential misunderstandings or conflicts due to the differences in communication styles.

Prepare an essay addressing the questions presented for this topic and submit it through Canvas. The essay must be at least 1000 words long.

Please see rubric attached.