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1. During what period did Confucius live?

2. Where was Confucius from?

3. According to Confucius, what forms human character?

4. Why did Confucius travel around China?

5. According to Confucius, who were the good leaders?

6. What is the role of the family in Confucius’ philosophy?

7. According to Confucius, what do virtuous people do?

8. Who wrote Confucius’ sayings?

9. What is the name of the book representing Confucius’ philosophy? 

10. What is the saying that summarizes Confucius’ principles?

Ex. 1- With that order write a paragraph.

Ex. 2- Then watch the video provided below and outline the 10 lessons one should learn from Confucius. Post your answer here by adding a new post. 

Ex. 3-  Based on the information learned before, explain the contribution of Confucius to the modern society. Use at least one quote from the Analects, apply it to a current context, and explain what lesson should the modern human being learn from Confucius. Write at least two well-developed paragraphs of at least five (5) sentences each.