Consumer behavior, target marketing, branding


CH5 • Describe your target market in detail, including information on the geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral factors used to choose your market segment.

CH5 • Identify the needs that cause your target market to buy.

CH6 • Create a written positioning statement that identifies:

  • Your organization’s product/service
  • Your target market – Needs that cause your target market to buy including emotional and

      logical drivers – How your product solves the target market’s needs

  • What makes your organization different from its competition

CH4 • Include sources of secondary research that support your analysis

  • Utilize the Grading Rubric that I have provided for you.
  • Your work must be completed in a Microsoft Word or PDF file and uploaded back to me. Any other format is unacceptable.
  • View your Safe Assign Report. If your project has a match of greater than 45%, you will need to rewrite your assignment or receive a failing grade for plagiarism.