1. Introduction
    1. Global Star Enterprises bases its operations on its mission, goals and values, which can be located in the Global Star Enterprises GSE intranet.
    2. GSE is committed to operating efficiently and effectively in order to meet the needs of customers, clients and stakeholders. Continuous improvement in all activities is vital for GSE’s continued success.
    3. GSE undertakes ongoing quality control and evaluation of all its operations to ensure maintenance of standards appropriate to the expectations of customers and clients.
  2. Quality and continuous improvement in GSE
    1. GSE’s approach to quality encompasses all its operations including governance, customer services, financial operations, facilities, human resources and occupational health and safety.
    2. GSE’s quality system is based on adherence to the following principles:
      1. a commitment by all staff to continuous improvement of processes, products and services.
      2. input and involvement of all staff in identifying and implementing quality improvements.
      3. Systematic use of qualitative and quantitative feedback as the basis for identifying and prioritising improvement opportunities.
  3. External standards
    1. GSE adheres to all relevant external standards imposed by government agencies and regulatory authorities.
  4. Continuous improvement processes
    1. GSE uses the following processes and strategies to improve overall performance.
      1. Customer satisfaction surveys
        1. All customers of GSE have the right to provide feedback about the services of GSE.
    2. GSE’s quality improvement system provides for identification of opportunities for improvement through a customer feedback system, which includes surveys of:
      1. GSE staff
      2. Product & quality satisfaction
      3. Sales satisfaction
      4. Price satisfaction
      5. delivery satisfaction
      6. Satisfaction with installation of products
      7. Community, industry and other client groups.
  5. GSE also examines its performance against relevant published comparative and benchmarking data.
  6. Unsolicited feedback
    1. Any employee or client of GSE has the right to provide unsolicited feedback on the services or operations of GSE.
  7. Continuous improvement working parties
    1. GSE establishes teams to improve functions that are identified as needing action or improvement.
  8. Internal and external audits
    1. GSE ensures, internal and external audits are conducted to measure performance against internal and external standards and improvement opportunities are identified and acted upon.
  9. Management reviews
    1. Management regularly reviews and refines GSE’s activities through:
      1. weekly senior management meetings
      2. regular reporting to GSE’s Senior Management and CEO
      3. annual planning and budget setting
      4. triennial planning
      5. individual executive goal setting.
    2. In the event a CI process or initiative compromises GSE values and standards, communication of this must be written via email to the applicable person (GM or line manager) and include:
  • An overview of the issues raised and your evaluation
  • Your query on the specific GSE values(s) and standards that are damaging to the operations of the specific people and/or department of GSE
  1. Access and equity
    1. GSE is committed to adhering to access and equity principles in the implementation of this policy.
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