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For this paper you can use the same topic that was used in the bare bones proposal or you can come up with a topic, whichever is easier. I have included the assignment instructions as well as the bare bones proposal that was previously done. I will also included the PICOT template that was mentioned. This assignment doesn’t really have a minimum number of pages needed but there is a section that specifically states ” no more than 200 words for each section with a total of no more than 600 words”. Please read the rubric for this assignment.

Nursing 6691 Research and Evidence for Advanced Practice Nursing

Task Assignment 4 (TA 4)

Instructions and Grading Tool


Part 1 (Introduction): Identify a problem seen in your clinical setting. Write an introduction to the problem. This may be the same issue you used for your Bare Bones Proposal.

Part 2 (PICO): Using the PICOT template example included in the module, formulate an evidence based practice question. A time variable is not required unless it is specific to your study. Identify the specific PICO template used.

Example using the prognosis/prediction PICO template:

The prognosis/prediction template will be used to develop a PICO question examining the use of exercise and caloric restriction to reduce weight. In adults 19 to 65 years old with a BMI of greater than 30%, how does a 12-week exercise program compared to a 1500 calorie diet restriction influence weight loss?

Part 3 (Search Terms): One of the major strategies for finding evidence is identifying the major search terms/key words. Develop a paragraph that identifies at least 5 topics, terms, or key words that you can use to search for your question.

Example of description of the literature search. You may use the same wording—remember the articles must be recent—within 5 years.

A search of the literature was conducted using PubMed, CINAHL, Ovid, Google Scholarand ProQuest (list all of the databases you searched). Key words used during the search included body mass index, exercise programs, weight reduction, diet restriction, and weight loss. Retrieved articles were obtained from peer-reviewed journals published between 2012 and 2017.

Part 4 (Review and Synthesis of theEvidence): Identify 3 different sources of evidence, related to your topic (must be current sources, within 5 years and scholarly). Briefly report your findings using APA formatting and include references at the end of the assignment. (this section should be no more than 200 words for each of the three references—600 words total—to determine the word count, highlight the paragraph, select the ‘review’ tab, then select ‘word count’).

Example of a Level 1 brief report of one of the findings:

Using CINAHL, a Level I critical review conducted by Ellis, Crone, Davey, and Grogan (2017) was reviewed. The review examined the evidence of the effectiveness of exercise as an additional therapy for improved mental health. A total of ten studies were reviewed, four quantitative, two qualitative, and four using a mixed method design. The results of the review indicted a positive shift for improved mental health when patients exercised. No specific intervention was found to be superior for encouraging exercise to improve mental health and the authors suggest further research to determine which interventions are most effective. Additionally, the authors suggested patients may have barriers to exercise (fewer skills for relapse prevention) and may require additional support for exercise initiation and maintenance (Ellis et al., 2017).

Example of a Level IV brief report of one of the findings:

Using Google Scholar, a Level IV retrospective cohort study conducted by James, Jones, and Johnson (2017) was reviewed. In a secondary analysis using data from the National Women’s Health Study, 6,785 charts were reviewed examining the use of exercise for weight reduction. Of those who participated in a weight loss exercise program (n = 3, 245), participants lost 47% more weight when compared to those who did not participate in the weight loss exercise program (n = 3,540). The weight loss exercise program consisted of walking 20 minutes per day, five days per week and weight lifting two days per week. Findings indicate that walking 20 minutes per day, five days per week accounted for 49% of the variance (p< .001) in weight loss among those who participated in the weight loss exercise program (James et al., 2017).

Part 4 (Conclusion): Write a brief conclusion of the articles you have chosen for part 3. Summarize the evidence from these three references.

Example conclusion:

The findings indicated there are no specific guidelinesto assist providers in motivating mental health patients to start an exercise program. A few guidelines included exercise as an intervention for depression. Many published documents, including systemic reviews and critical analysis, strongly supported exercise as a treatment for mental health. Several research studies reported findings that suggest specific strategies for motivating patients to exercise. In conclusion, more research is needed to provide evidence-based practice guidelines for motivating mental health patients to exercise.

The following are links you can use in your search for references:

Recent/current electronic textbooks
Cochrane (scroll down to Cochrane Library)
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source, use basic/advanced search and select databases on the top left and scroll down to find Joanna Briggs at (click databases then Proquest for nursing) or go to
AHRQ Evidence Reports www.ahrq.gov
Guidelines Clearinghouse www.Guideline.Gov
CINAHL & Evidence based care sheets scroll down to CINAHL.
PubMed Clinical Queries scroll down to Pub Med.
Up-to-date information resource may find links to web sites/articles in patient information section, very expensive to subscribe
Google Scholar

Preparing and Submitting the Assignment

This is a formal APA paper. Review page 62 of the APA manual for your headings.

Upload the document as a Word file. APA formatting is required. A title page and references are required.

Use the following filename format to save the document for uploading: your last name_your first name_TA4 (e. g.: smith_john_TA4).

NSG 6691 Research and Evidence for Advanced Practice Nursing

Task Assignment 4

Grading Tool

The following rubric will be used to grade the assignment.
Criteria Possible Points Actual Points
Included an introduction 10
Used the PICO template correctly to formulate the EBP questionand identified the type of PICO question template used (intervention / diagnosis/prevention etc.) 12
Listed at least 5 topics, terms, or key words used to searchthe topic 10
Identified three different sources of evidence

· Selected articles were related to the topic (1 point for each article )

· Identified study design used by the authors (1 point for each article )

· Used scholarly articles published within five years (1 point for each article )

· Stated level of evidence (5 point for each article)
Summarized the findings from each of the three research articles. 24
Provided a conclusion—indicated whether more research is needed or if practice should be changed based on the levels of evidence and findings from the three articles. 20
Included Reference page 10
Sub-total Score 100
Point Deductions
Errors in APA and scholarly writing. Errors in following directions.

One half point deducted for each error—not each type of error—for a maximum of 10 points

Total Grade 100

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