Criminal justice …. due tomorrow ….

this assignment is due tomorrow. There is no extra time for this assignment. 

Please do the following and this is based on U.S. Law 

 Please explain the difference between “mala in se” and “mala prohibita” crimes.  Provide your own simple explanation to support your understanding.  Please provide 3 clear and complete examples of each.  Also, please explain the difference between felony and misdemeanor type crimes to include the punishment that pertains to each.

All written assignments must be created in an APA (American Psychological Association) format and sent as a Microsoft Word attachment. (“PDF,” “Google docs,” “Pages,” or any other types of submissions will not be accepted and the assignment will result in only 1 point).  All papers must be supported with a cover page, source citations and a reference page. Any written submissions that fail to include these will receive only “1” point.  All written assignments are scored based on their content, structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Late written assignments will not be accepted.

Minimum 1 page.  if 1 page please make sure all info has the requirements noted above.