1. Policy overview
    1. Global Star Enterprises (GSE) is committed to providing the highest level of customer service that is designed to both meet and exceed customers’ expectations.
    2. However in the event a customer is not happy and is dissatisfied with the service level provided it is likely if the matter remains less than fully resolved or ignored, the customer may feel that his/her needs have not been fulfilled and may escalate the issue further by potentially undertaking non desirable actions.
    3. Examples of non-desirable actions may include the following:
  • Non or reduced payment for services or goods
  • No repeat business
  • Proceed to small claims dispute reconciliation
  • Reporting the matter to the relevant Consumer Affairs Department
  • Potential for bad publicity or advertising for the company
  • Impact on reputation and goodwill from the disgruntled customer passing on negative feedback to others.
  • Posting on the internet poor service rating and comments
  1. Purpose
    1. The basis for excellent customer service is the development of lasting relationships with customers and therefore, all GSE staff must value complainants as they assist us to continually improve our products, services and customer service to achieve our business goals.
    2. This policy has been designed specifically to assist GSE staff and management to work with customers to handle customer complaints and resolve underlining causes in the most effective manner possible.
    3. GSE is committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. We aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and we will treat all customers making a complaint equally.
  2. Definition of a complaint
    1. Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to staff by a customer or member of the public in relation to our business.
  3. Response
    1. All customer complaints must be dealt with in a prompt manner with the least amount of disruption to the business and the customer.
    2. All staff are empowered to offer a 10% discount/refund to the customer to support resolving any customer complaint/dispute promptly.
    3. All staff are empowered to make suggestions to resolve the complaint regarding including free delivery, offering alternative product for equivalent price, free extended warranty.
    4. Ideally, complaints will be resolved within the first 24 hours of them being lodged, with a final resolution exceeding no more than 10 business days.
    5. Complaints must be addressed within the following time-frames:
Contact made Time-frame for response
First contact Within 24 hours
Second contact Within 72 hours
Third contact Within 72 hours
Final contact Within 10 business days
  1. Procedure
    1. Global Star Enterprises (GSE) is very committed to customer service and we treat all queries or concerns as potential complaints.
    2. All queries, concerns and complaints are treated with the same amount of urgency and the following procedure must be followed:
      1. Acknowledge and confirm – Within the first 24 hours, determine the nature of the complaint using open and closed questioning techniques. If the complaint can be settled easily at this stage within the consultant’s DDL or capacity, then no further action is required. The consultant is required to complete the Customer Feedback/Complaint (CFC) form (allocating the date and customer’s initials as the reference number) which must then be passed onto their team leader.
      2. Referral – If the issue concerns another department it must be referred to the appropriate personnel. The person referring the complaint must record the name of the person the issue has been referred to on the CFC form and quote the reference number on all correspondence. Follow up with this referral is required within 72 hours.
      3. Further investigation – If further investigation is required into the reason behind the complaint or the steps needed to resolve the issue, then a further 72 hours (3 business days) can be taken. The customer must be kept informed of this time-line and given reasons for the delay.
      4. Escalation procedures –
  • Internal Escalation Procedure – If a satisfactory outcome has not been reached with the GSE Sales Consultant, then the issue must be escalated to the appropriate Sales Manager. If the issue cannot be resolved with the Sales Manager, the issue must be referred to the General Manager /department head. A final resolution must occur within ten (10) business days of the initial complaint being raised. Confidentiality and ongoing contact with the customer is essential.
  • External Escalation Procedure – If the matter cannot be resolved through our internal escalation process within ten (10) business days, the customer must be provided with the details of the relevant state Office of Small Business and Consumer Affairs to pursue their complaint further.
  1. Warm hand over – When escalating a complaint ensure a warm handover takes place. This will involve explaining to the recipient the history of the complaint to date, they must be introduced to the customer and an explanation given to the customer as to why their concerns have been escalated to that particular person.
  2. Recommendations – When a CFC form is lodged it must be determined if current policies and procedures require amendment to prevent a repeat of the same issue arising. Recommendations are to be noted on the form which is then handed to the Improvement Committee who will prioritise the corrective action.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality – In accordance with The Privacy Act 1988, all details recorded on the CFC must remain confidential and must only be disclosed to the relevant customer, GSE staff and management who are involved in the complaint handling and resolution process.
  4. Remedies
    1. The General Manager, after further investigation, will attempt to make a final business decision on the best option to resolve the complaint such as offering/negotiating:
  • Discount off price paid (DDL)
  • Provision of additional services for free
  • Full or partial refund of customers expenses or payments
  • Replacement with the same or alternative product
  • Offer discount on future product or services
  1. As a part of the remedial options available to GSE Sales Consultants, Sales Managers and the General Manager, the following Delegate Discount Limits (DDL) apply. If a refund or discount is offered it must be noted on the Customer Feedback/Complaint form with a detailed reason to support the decision.
Authority DDL
Sales consultants 10% off RRP/Order price
Sales managers 15% off RRP/Order price
General Manager Up to 100% of product cost
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