Describe a clinical situation you have participated in or observed.

Describe a clinical situation you have participated in or observed.

The purpose of these papers is to demonstrate a capability to observe, record, and analyze interactions that occur in professional activities. Describe in detail, a clinical situation you have participated in or observed. This situation should illustrate one of the concepts explored in the course.

Describes a clinical situation you have participated in or observed.

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Present a detailed description of the situation.
Where did thus interaction occur? Be specific; facility, unit, time of day, etc.
Who was involved? Patient, nurse, family members, health team members, etc. Include persons involved who may not have been physically present at the time but who may influence the people involved.
Illustrate the discussion with direct quotes and specific examples of those involved.
Why did you choose this interaction as your exemplar?

Did the interaction disturb you, enlighten you, make you question or wonder about some aspect of the interaction?
Did participation in/observation of this interaction lead you to examine an aspect of your own actual or potential response?
What personal thoughts/feelings, and/or actions were influenced by YOUR participation in or observation of this experience? What did you do/say or wish you have done/said?
As you reflect on the situation, what themes or communication concepts underlay the observed interactions and YOUR responses?

Analyze what occurred. Utilize TWO references from the assigned readings in the textbook to support your analysis.
Utilize ONE scholarly reference (must be a nursing journal) that is not part of your course readings to support your analysis.
Was this an example of a professional and therapeutic interaction? Why or why not? Support your conclusion with the references below.
In summary, what are the implications for the individuals involved?

What are your professional recommendations?
What have YOU learned and SPECIFICALLY, how will you what you learned inform your professional interactions?
The paper should be 5-10 pages in length and in APA format. APA format refers to correct in paper and end of paper citations, formal paper format with cover sheet, etc. and attention to spelling, grammar, tense, sentence structure, etc.

*Examples of concepts that may apply to the interaction: Loss/suffering, mourning/grief, stress, communication, hope, therapeutic use of self, spirituality, aging, group process, developmental/family theory, conflict resolution, ways of knowing, self-concept, self-awareness, stress, anxiety, crisis, caregiver distress, humor, spirituality.

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