Describe the method, if any, to determine if one has the target behavior and its severity?

5. Please submit your paper via Turnitin. Name your file with your last name and the name of your book (e.g. “McKay The Depression Cure”). Papers turned in after 12:00 pm on the due date will receive one grade lower than the table below suggests. You may NOT submit a hard copy of the paper unless you receive permission to do so from me.
Content Guidelines:

The evaluation needs to address the following questions. Failure to address one will result in a reduced grade on this assignment.
1. What does the author believe causes the target behavior? (The target behavior is the behavior you are trying to correct, e.g., anxiety, depression, procrastination, etc.)
2. Describe the method, if any, to determine if one has the target behavior and its severity? (For example, how do you know you might have an obsessive-compulsive disorder?)
3. What approaches, techniques, or interventions are described to correct the problem?
4. Were the techniques understandable and easy to follow? Why or why not?
5. Did the book include any method to track your progress as you implement the strategies? How do you know whether or not you are making progress?
6. Does the author indicate that the technique he is proposing to help the reader has been used with patients, clients, etc.? Describe.
7. Did the author compare his technique to other traditional methods frequently used to reduce the incidence of the target behavior? What were the author’s findings?
8. Is there any information from another source, e.g., classroom discussion, textbook, etc., that would support the author’s claims? Describe.
9. Do you believe the author’s treatment strategies or recommendations might help you or someone that has the target behavior? Why or why not?
10. Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not?

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