Details: select a 1-5 grade level, nc state standard based on the

Details:  Select a 1-5 grade level, NC state standard based on the Number and Operations in Base Ten domain.  Design and complete the National/State Learning Standards, Specific Learning Target(s)/Objectives, and Learning and Teaching Activities sections of the COE Lesson Plan Template. Be sure to include appropriate support and guidance for fostering academic language.  Upon completion of your partial lesson, draft 20 questions to guide meaningful learning progressions and foster problem solving for individuals with exceptionalities. Five of the questions should activate prior knowledge and the remaining 15 questions should be based on the progression of the lesson activity and probe the four Depth of Knowledge levels.  Using four of the questions you drafted, complete the attached “DOK Questions Table.”  The COE Lesson Plan Template has instructions within the template. After reviewing you can delete the information and include your input. Only do the sections indicated in the directions.