Develop awareness of the processes involved in maintaining homeostasis

I suggest choosing to link in a relevant video into a slide in the powerpoint presentation for this (no longer than 5 min). With small intro/conclusion in script about 100 words.

Summing up your particular area of focus and suggesting further reading, Script is about 350 words also include a relevant slide for this into the powerpoint presentation.

Questions and answers along with slides, script is around 150 words.

Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate an awareness of the functioning and integration of the major body systems
Develop awareness of the processes involved in maintaining homeostasis
Key skills at level 5 include the ability to research relevant information and assimilate an appropriate response to a set question. This must be achieved in a clear and concise manner which will depend on your ability to communicate your findings. This assignment assesses these skills in the context of an oral presentation. The set question allows you to direct your research and link the course content with the learning objectives of the course in a peer-reviewed format. This assignment aligns with two learning objectives of the course which you must ensure are responded to in your submission.

You will present a clear and concise 20 minute presentation on the interactions between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. You will also consider the impact that this integration may have on thermoregulation and how this affect is mediated within the two systems. Your presentation will be accompanied by concise notes of 600 ± 10% words that support you discussion.
Assessment Criteria:
3. A clear, concise, well written and well presented talk that covers both learning outcomes and is appropriately referenced (85%).
4. Detailed and well referenced notes that support the assumptions of your talk (15%)

All text should be fully justified, size 12 Arial font, with 1.5 line spacing, and normal margins. All work must be presented in a suitable interactive format (PowerPoint/ Prezi). You must submit a completed assignment submission cover sheet. Reference relevant sources using the appropriate Harvard Referencing system.
Indicative reading: suggested online journals
Tortora, G.J. and Derrickson, B.H. (2009) Principles of anatomy and physiology. 12th edn. New York: John Wiley and Sons.
Saladin, K. (2001) Anatomy and physiology, the unity of form and function. 7th edn. London: McGraw Hill.
Davey, B., Halliday, T. and Hirst, M. (2001) Human biology and health: an evolutionary approach. Milton Keynes: Open University Press.
Waugh, A., and Grant, A. (2006) Anatomy and physiology in health and illness. 10th edn. London: Elsevier.
Journal articles and web based resources will be made available on Moodle.

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