Dibutyl Phthalate Dbp Is A Plasticizer Has A Potential Market Of 12 Million Lb Y

Dibutyl phthalate(DBP) is a plasticizer has a potential market of 12 million lb/year., and is to be produced by reaction with n-butanol with monobutyl phthalate (MBP). The reaction follows an elementary rate law and is catalyzed by H2SO4. Astream containing MBP and butanol is to be mixed with H2SO4 catalyst immediately before the stream enters the reactor. The concentration of MBP in the stream entering the reactor is 0.2 lb mol/ft3, and the molar feed rate of butanol is five times that of MBP. The specific reaction rate at 100°F is 1.2 ft3/lb mol.h. There is 1000 gallon CSTR and assosciated equipment available for use on this project for 30 days a year (operating 24h/day).

(a)Determine the exit conversion in the available 1000-gallon reactor if you were to produce 33% of the share (i.e., 4million lb/year) of the predicted market.

(b) How might you increase the conversion for the same FA0.

(c) For the same temperature as part (a), what CSTR volume would be necessary to achieve a conversion of 85% for a molar feed rate of MBP of 1 lb mol/min?

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