Differences between stock’s intrinsic value and market value.

Unit 2 Discussion

You are to participate in a discussion of the differences between stock’s intrinsic value and market value.

1.   Go to the corporate site for Home Depot.  Review the financial information and look at the company’s performance relative to the overall market over the past year to gain a good understanding of the following:

  • Company and industry overview
  • Stock price overview and trend
  • Comparison with historical data
  • Current P/E ratio

2.    Use the information you obtained and forecast the growth of the company’s stock for the next year.
3.    Discuss how the market price of stock compares to stock’s intrinsic value.

Participation Requirements:Original discussion forum posts:

  • Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.
  • Prepare a quality, substantive post that addresses the objectives of the discussion forum and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric
  • Include supportive evidence; such as direct applicable experience and expert sources.